Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rihanna & Kim Kardashian Facebook spam links going viral in Sri Lanka

I opened my Facebook newsfeed today morning to find out one of my friends posting this OMG link on my wall. Having experienced similar links before i didn't click on it. Throughout the day i saw many guys (And girls)  caught in to the same drama.

There are two links (I will update if there are more) like the Rihanna's below.

Page: ‎8,237 like this

Other one is Kim Kardashian's, it goes something like OMG I hate Kim Kardashian.

What are these?
These are spam links with some coding that posts the same message in all your friends walls without your consent.
They usually have a hot "call to action" so all guys will click that right button in mouse as if they are hypnotized.

How do i recognize such a link?
Its a tough question. You can't easily recognize one. But if the link contains spammy words like OMG, SICK, HATE or it has a strong action point (For e.g.Watch this, Click this) it can be suspicious. But frankly there's no rule of thumb. Use your instinct.

What can i do after i have clicked on it?
This is like asking how to "feel free" after getting married. Once you have dont it - No turning back. Once you have clicked all your friends walls will be plastered with this post. However there is one important thing you can do. COMPLAIN IT!

  1. Click on X Remove button on your right to a post
  2. Click on mark story or spam (See below)

When many people reports it Facebook will take it off.

Only other option is deleting all the posts on your friends walls. But this is useless because
1. You will have loads of friends and so little time
2. When you go to their walls you will see dozen more clicks

So i recommend reporting the post than trying to delete it.

Please comment below with how you dealt with the situation? And any other alternatives.