Thursday, January 10, 2013

Trending in Sri Lanka - #EpicSinhalaAdvertisementPickuplines

This was a day i truly felt proud to be working for the ad industry in Sri Lanka. When i read all the epic,old ad taglines that brought out lot of memories. Advertisements entertain us without just selling products and establishing brands. Below are some of the epic ad lines tweeted (And it between the suggestions and on bottom how it all started).

Ehema wenne ne, mama kirith ekka Samahan bonawane
තෑගි දෙන සාස්තරේ 
ෆ්‍රිජ් එකේ දාන්න... 
Ice cream diyawei kiyala.. =P  karthacolomban ice cream 
RT : ගැණු කවද්ද හිතේ තියෙන දේ කිව්වේ

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Rise of LinkedIn in Sri Lanka

It's been couple of years for us in LinkedIn but i'd say it has started being used properly from only recently. The recruitment companies are now actively in it and the top management no longer need to hang out in bars & parties to exchange a quick word with a potential employee, now they can just message through LinkedIn.

Below is a tweet from our PahanS (of Kichibichiya fame - worlds first Sinhala twitter client)confirming the fact.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Welcome Sri Lankan(Sinhala) Meme Facebook Pages

I predicted this sometime back in a discussion with @RukshanR while discussing the future of Sri Lankan memes. I said that soon Sri Lankans will start using meme characters and creating purely Sri Lankan memes using local languages (Sinhala).

Sri Lankan online sphere is becoming localized rapidly in all areas. Sinhala news websites, Sinhala blogs are getting more traffic and there is more engagement in Sinhala Facebook communities if you closely examine. And the trend "memes" couldn't resist.

There are quite a few Sinhala memes pages started recently and now doing well. And then there are the large Sri Lankan Facebook pages converting from viral content to memes since memes are easier to develop.  Few examples are

ඩර්පිනයි ඩර්පයි (Derp & Derpina) 

අපි පිස්සෝ Api Pissoo