Sunday, April 29, 2012

Does Google remember your search history?

Yes. I know its scary.

Only exception is if you are not logged in to Gmail or any other service. Came across the topic while going through SL memes,there was this one "If someone remember everything we search in Google - we are screwed". And i enlightened them finally giving a link to see what they have searched.

When you are logged in to Gmail (Part of Google) or any other Google service (For eg.Google docs,Google drive, youtube or even Google reader) all your Google searches are recorded. 

When you sign up to a Google service you give in your consent for all your searches to be remembered.
But this cant do major harm - As i know it helps advertisers target their Google ads better - showing you ads you will be interested in. Like one of the Google adwords promotion said "best ads can be a search result).

Another plus point is that you are able to go back to your searches. For e.g. one day while travelling i listened to this awesome song and googled the lyrics through my Android phone, But totally forgot about it afterwards. About 2 days later when i was infront of the PC i wanted to download the song - And Google search history came to my rescue.

How to view my Google web history - Log in to Gmail. Click on my account button below Google+ profile. Click on products. Click on Google web history - DAMN!

What do you think? Is it good or bad? Feel free to comment below with your opinion.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Rockmelt Browser Facebook message SPAM

Previously i warned Facebookers of the Rihanna & Kim Kardarshian links - This time it's about a very subtle spamming by the Facebook dedicated browser called "Rockmelt".

As i heard Rockmelt is not a bad browser. It's a modern, Facebook dedicated browser which is getting popular. It's unbelievable to see such a good product using bad promotional methods like below.

Once you use Rockmelt through Facebook, they take authentication and sends a message to your Facebook friends like the one below.

And if you don't accept they send you a reminder in two days like below.

I personally do not use Rockmelt but got a lot of messaged like the above. Feel free to share whether Rockmelt is as good as they promote it...