Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Buying a Samsung Tablet PC in Sri Lanka

Had an expedition around Colombo yesterday looking for a good tablet PC for my cousin bro. We were looking for a tab that can do business functions (For e.g. Organizing, Note taking.etc). Was focused on Samsung since they are the market leader.

Below are the learnings...

John Keells is the official dealer for Samsung in Sri Lanka.Their showroom is about 100m towards Slave Island from JAIC Hilton. They have only the models that Samsung Sri Lanka has introduced to the market. For e.g. They had only Note 8, Tab 2 7 inches and 10.1 inches. Their prices are not flexible. The salesman sounded knowledgable but not very friendly.
The main selling ppint of JKOA is that they undertake all the repairs of locally sold Samsung units. They claimed only they will repair and they dont accept internationally bought ones.

The Phone Company
Also claims they are an offical Samsung dealer. They undertake all repairs of units they sell. They also had only the Samsung introduced models. But their prices were little negotiatable than JKOA. The salesman was both knowledgable and friendly.

I was thinking what a cool concept it will be to approach this niche  segment - tablet market only till i heard their prices. was totally dissapointed. Who in their right mind will buy for Rs.10,000 added prices? The sales girl didn't sound like an expert which is a key for selling electronics.  The plus was that you have lot of selection here because they have tabs from all vendors unlike the above two.

Mitsu Mobile
Had seen their ads every week on HitAd and happened to rarely recognize their shop on Galle Road. The prices are really low - about 15-20k lower - and they guarantee that they will repair during the warranty period.  The sales was friendly but was too ignorant to give the answers, maybe knowing they are the cheapest.

What are the good places to buy a tab in Sri Lanka? Or is it worth bringing down thru someone? Feel free to comment below about what you know/what you think?

Friday, July 19, 2013

Review of Amity Lite & the potential for entertainment industry in suburbs

I had always wanted check Amity Lite from the day it was opened. I was held up by the fact of not having a good movie at Amity Lite, But was lucky to watch Man of Steel there last weekend.

Review -

Location : If you live southern Colombo - its closeby. This means its closer to anyone around Maharagama, Kottawa, Homagama, Nugegoda, Boralesgamuwa and even Pitakotte, Udahamulla areas.

Parking : There is ample parking and parking is very accessible unlike the Savoy parking where you need to drive along a tiny road where hardly two vehicles can pass by. They charged only Rs.50 for the 2 - 3 hours we were there. So its cost effective as well.

Logistics : Screen : Its a basic projector screen. Wasn't perfectly aligned, But was ok. Sounds were ok. AC : They switched on the AC only when movie started, so it was uncomfortable in the beginning.

Pricing - Is very competitive. Its only Rs.200 (Online booking Rs.215), when compared to over 400 at MC and other theaters. This is a huge factor as it saves a lot when compared to a saving from a visit to MC (Transport).

I went for a Saturday night show and it was fully packed. The key learning is that there's a massive increase in potential for entertainment industry such as movie theaters, leisure parks, circuses, carnivals.etc in the suburbs in the post-war era. An average leisure center can be a thriving business in these suburban areas in and around Colombo.