Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hootsuite launches conversation - Internal communications tool

Ive been a loyal Hootsuite user for a long time for managing Twitter and Facebook, both on PC and Mobile. Its pretty simple to use and faster. Not having a great look and feel but does the work.

I was delighted to check out their latest add-on "Hootsuite conversations". Being a heavy user of social media - I think this is a feature that can go a long way. Check out the feature from the video below

Primary need for this type of a feature is the need for internal communication in social media management(In a commercial level). Currently couple of social media management tools offer the same feature but charge a premium. Hope Hootsuite will be able to leverage on this need and add more commercial users. Ideal situation is if they can build on this concept and come up with a fully fledged social media tool.

What tool, Twitter client do you use? And please feel free to share your experience so that others will be able to find out the best twitter client on Mobile on PC.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Zotye Nomad price increase by Gov taxes - My first tailor made Meme

Lots of buzz around memes these days - But what i personally think is that memes are appealing to a very niche target group and is not recommended for mass appeal.  Request was made by Friend and scouting legend - Charitha Ayya by a tweet

For the first time i made a meme for a request. Here is it depicting the result of govt vehicle tax increase this year that jeopardized the vehicle market in Sri Lanka

Monday, September 10, 2012

Twitter Direct Message Spam Virus - "tapping you"

Twitter malware are rare but we have seen many such as "True Twit validation" but this one im going to blog about it is something new on the block. There was this spam that went viral in Sri Lankan tweeps account last few weeks. Basically what happens is you get a DM saying "Did you see them tapping you <link>". The line makes it very much likely to click. Few sample DMs i got given below

When you click on the link you are directed to a "Page not found" in FB -

Or is it running a script and spamming through my DM? IT experts tell me...