Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sudden increase of questions/polls in Facebook Sri Lanka

Just a quick posting to get an idea about the trend - Were you active enough to notice sudden burst of questions on your newsfeed last few days? You can see up to 4-5 questions at any given time in the newsfeed ranging from "Best school", "Best telco" to "Best Country" questions.

Some of the questions are like (Updated)
Vote for your country?
To which relign do u belong?
Whats the best mobile operator in Sri Lanka?
Whats your operating system?
What place do you prefer for shopping for work wear?

This surge in questions were even noticed and highlighted by users.

Pls post other questions as you see in Facebook Sri Lanka...

Facebook questions has been there for a long time and such a sudden increase is surprising. What caused this? Facebook themselves pushing this feature? Any idea?

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Facebook groups new "Seen by" feature

Last week Facebook announced the new "seen by" feature on groups - pretty useful when you are using Facebook groups for day to day communication. It is basically a record of how many saw your posts in a Facebook group like given below.

This is similar to the "seen at" feature in Facebook chat. This feature makes groups more compatible for day to day communication needs. Like the example given where you want to communicate football practices to the whole team and the post indicates how many saw the notice. This also makes Facebook more consistent for communication. (Can be annoying for some - tough life :P )

This and the recent feature "voice" (Will explain in a seperate post - Enables you to comment as an admin or a fan in Facebook page easily) are targeted at power users who are active on Facebook. But the normal users Facebook activity decline (as explained by "Photo/Video sharing kills Facebook & grows Twitter") continues and hope they come up with features targeting them. 

Do you think "Seen by" is useful? Feel free to comment below with your thoughts...