Sunday, November 17, 2013

How Google hangouts can easily capture Skype's VOIP Market

Was just wondering why the better product for video calls or VOIP (Voice over internet protocol) Google Hangouts is still having lower market share for video calls when compared to skype. I use Skype a lot to talk to loved ones in other parts of the world and realized why it is tough to convert Skype users.

Doubtlessly Skype has been there for so long and people are already so much used to Skype. Everyone is used to the process from my father who is 60+ to my nephew(who is just 8-9 years old). Most Skype users are simple internet users who needs to see & talk to their loved ones abroad. So most of the time it's two generations interacting on Skype and the barrier for Google hangouts at the moment is the older generation. The blog post explains how Google Hangouts can capture the older generation who are essentially personal users. Now let's first look at the difference of the two.

The process of doing a Skype video call is (Provided Skype is pre installed and the user has contacts - case where a noob like our parents who uses Skype which is preinstalled by an advance user)

Process of starting a Skype call

  1. Clicking on the desktop/app icon
  2. Logging in and 
  3. Just clicking on the name of the person. 

Now lets look at the process of initiating a Google hangout for a similar user on a laptop or a PC

Process of starting a Google hangout

  1. Click on the chrome browser icon
  2. Click on the tiny green hangouts icon in chrome 
  3. Type in contacts name/s
  4. Click on video call 
Lets see how complicated the hangout process is for someone new to computers. Chrome browser is no issue since it's just like clicking on Skype. But the browser layout is quite different - there is an additional step in between the user and contacts. The green hangouts button is very small and hard to locate. Clicking on it opens a small box in the bigger browser which is strange for a noob who is not used to IMs like Yahoo messenger or google chat. Once again you need to type in the name of contact. There is the standard recent contacts but no contact list. And because it is part of gmail - there will be many contacts to choose from. Because of this Google hangouts is "rocket science" for a simple user.

The Solution - Lord Buddha's way
In Sunday school we learnt about how Lord Buddha tackled various tribes who were already involved in wild religious practices. For e.g. If he met a tribe who worshipped trees he never told them to "stop" worshipping trees. Because then his preaching will be rejected at once. Instead he asked them to worship Bo-tree which is connected to Buddhism in a way the tribe understands Buddhism.  Same for stone worshippers - worship Lord Buddha statue, same for light worshippers - worship a lamp & learn how the lamp fades away just like life.etc.

Same tactic for Google hangouts. You cannot tell the users - "Browser apps are the future! Get used to this." You can but they won't simply convert from the simple process they have gone through for years.

Google Hangouts Desktop Software 

Google should come up with a clone of Skype. A simple desktop software (don't even call it an app) which is installed on PCs/Laptops and a simple click on the desktop/start menu item should bring the contact list. Once click should make the call. And adding more people and all the jazz to be followed.

Once people are used to this - and once they get to know the awesome hangout features, they can convert to browser based apps.


Sunday, November 10, 2013

Viral in Sri Lanka : Most Bridesmaids in a wedding

A Sri Lankan wedding with 126 bridesmaids to celebrate lov...sorry to "break the guinness world record" is going viral in sri lankan social media circles.

A google search shows it on DailyMail UK, Huffington Post & other major online media. Sri Lankan memes Facebook page too had few memes, mostly condemning the lavish show.

On a marketing point of view - i wouldn't look down on the effort given that the event organizer (who was claiming the Guiness record) was capitalizing on the hype created by it. Imagine - if the event was planned with news releases to leverage her web site & social media profiles? To the point i haven't seen such an effort and highly doubt it. But physical organizing seems very good with many sponsors and partners & few pre-event posters like the one below.

Here's a photo of all the bridesmaids from one of the planning sessions.

On a cultural & a societal point of view it is truly a waste of money which a young couple or the organizers need in the current Sri Lankan economy.

On a funny side of things - according to Barney Stinson, HIMYM the more bridesmaids at a wedding the better the bride & the bridesmaids look. Here's my latest meme about it on SLmemes.

Watch Barney explaining it on video by clicking here What do you think about the Guiness event? Lame or awesome? Feel free to comment below...

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Best Halloween Viral Campaigns I - Jimmy Kimmel "I ate all your candy" video campaign

Got back in Digital business ontime for Halloween and Christmas. Below are some of the best executed campaigns i heard about.

Jimmy Kimmel "I ate all your halloween candy" youtube video campaign 2013

You can call it a "prank" but i see one of the best talk show marketing campaigns as the video has over 9 million views in just 2 days. He's being doing this for 3 years but 2013 is the best.

(For those new to Halloween - Asian readers) There's a popular tradition called "Trick-or-Treating" during halloween. Kids dress up in costumes and go door by door and they are given "treats" - candy(sweets, chocolates.etc.) from each house. If not given they can "trick" the house wearing scary costumes. Most kids collect about 2-3 months candy on halloween day & its like a treasure for them like Jimmy Kimmel says "it's the first time they earn something in life".

Jimmy Kimmel challenged parents to do a prank on children by telling them that "i ate all your halloween candy". There are more than 100,000 video entries. And he collected the best ones and showed the below video on air.

The video has over 9 million views in just two days. Look at the rising keyword search about Jimmy Kimmel

What are the other good Halloween digital marketing campaigns? comment about any good ones you have heard about...

Monday, November 4, 2013

How bitstrips can integrate digital marketing

Was reading the paper today & saw an article about Bitstrips. It said Bitstrips is actually a Canadian sensation going global. Was glad to know as i've been a big fan of bitstrips few months back - both personally & professionally. Here's the papercutting from MetroNews.

Personally - i like the way it can create avatars that resemble oneself quite accurately. It's like you can perfectly draw a cartoon of yourself without being a great artist (Without being able to draw a proper straight line - like they say).

How Bitstrips can become the next wave in social media marketing

Professionally i was really amazed by the potential bitstrips presented. I checked out opportunities for my clients and there were some amazing ideas that i could execute for the brands i used to manage. Then we looked in to the technical aspect of it. One of the problems is that Bitstrips was not providing an API for developers or marketers. So all the comics aer predefined. If they can come up with a simple backend for Social media campaigns they can easily be the next trend in social media marketing.

What do you think about the future of Bitstrips? Fad or trend? Feel free to share your thoughts by commenting below...

Monday, October 28, 2013

Kathina Ceremony at BC Temple & An explanation of the Buddhist Annual Ritual

Today i had the rare chance of being part of a Katina ceremony. I've heard a lot about this and even studied about it in Dhamma school but never had a chance to take part. To be honest if i was in Sri Lanka i would never have got this close to the ceremony unless my family was the Katina ceremony host family which would have been really unlikely. Technically Katina ceremony is the end of 3 months "wus" period for monks.

The origin story of Kathina ceremony

In Lord Buddhas times(about 2500 years ago in Northern India/Nepal) monks were supposed to go from home to home, from city to city, from village to village promoting the truth - Lord Buddha found. (The truth in another blog post maybe :D) But they noticed that when monks walk from place to place during the rainy season - small warms & creatures die by monks stamping on them. Buddhists are very strict about not harming any kind of living creatures and this was brought to Lord Buddhas notice.

He gave the solution of what we call today as "wus" season where the monks are supposed to stay in one place (A temple) during the rainy season and preach Dhamma (Knowledge) to the people in the area. The devotees are supposed to look after the monks, not letting them walk out by stocking food.etc.

The Kathina Ceremony

What happens in the actual ceremony is the celebration of the end of "wus" season. Where maha sanga (monks) are gifted with katina robe, a special robe made from one day and one night. We got the chance of sewing the robe.

They say gifting this robe can give you lot of positive Karma. Below is a photo of Sirinivasa thero putting on the robe gifted to him at the ceremony.

Kathina Ceremony at the Surrey/Vancouver Temple in BC,Canada

Thanks to Chethiya ayya & Dilini akka we got the chance of participating in it. And it was the first time i actually took part in the ceremony.

The ceremony didn't coincide the seasons in Canada - heard it's because the rainy/or the winter season here might make it difficult for anyone to come to the temple. Hence the "wus" season here is the same as the season in Sri Lanka. all in all it was a good experience.

Best thing was meeting a lot of Sri Lankans in one place after coming here. Place was packed and met really cool people. Some i have heard but never met - what a small world! Below are some more photos!

I don't know the exact names of monks involved in the origin story. If you know the story in a more specific manner - comment below! 

Translink - Vancouver skytrain breakdown 2013 October

Little too late to blog - But though i'd give my 2 cents on this.

Vancouvers metro system - translink Skytrain system broke down after a small maintainance error (According to the official statements). I was on my way to work on Millenium line train while the problem was on the expo line. But somehow even Millenium line trains were delayed and there was too much crowd on our side of the platform because expo line was disrupted. Below are few pics

translink vancouver skytrain delay

translink vancouver skytrain delay 2

translink vancouver skytrain delay 3

Translink actually had a shuttle service between disrupted stations. Even i saw a special bus from Millenium line end - VCC clarke to Main station.

but we felt a little dissappointed since we were not given valuable alternatives in our specific stations. I was told to take a bus to coquitlam and then take the downtown bus (which is like taking a 2 hour route to a place where i can go in 30 mins). Many complained on social media but i think we should appreciate what we have.

I think this way probably because i have been in worse situations. Have you experienced how the transport systems work in developing countries? In many, trains don't arrive on schedule at all. They are totally crowded like the famous photo below.

So i would forgive Translink for the breakdown & hope they will have better contingency plans next time. What do you think? Feel free to reply by commenting below...

Friday, October 11, 2013

Funny tweets during #RogersOutage October 2013

Wanted to blog this - But been busy, i mean Goodbusy (wink - VISA credit card ad)

So Rogers network went down nationwide in Canada for few hours day before yesterday. I'm on one of the networks and luckily got to know this through twitter and emailed friends who might have tried to contact me...

Below are the funny tweets during #Rogersoutage

1. This is what A&W tweeted - Never happens in South Asia where comparative advertising is not allowed. And even on Social media - companies maintain good ethics not to diss competitors/other brands openly.

And the tweet was promoted - Good content marketing!

2. This tweet was retweeted many times. First i didn't know what it was saying.

Until +Binku T. enlightened me with a link to this video - Rogers "Canada's most reliable wireless network"

3. The most hilarious news today in papers was that twitter profile holder for @Rogers from Brooklyn, NY had been getting a lot of complaint tweets. His tweet about receiving all complaints -

And yesterday he had tweeted a wish to all Canadians - A reply suggests to sell his Twitter handled to Rogers Network for a large sum (Perfect early retirement plan?)

 Canadians are famous for saying sorry. Here's one of the funniest "sorry Rogers" tweets
4. Few good things happens when you go offline. Roommates since August have their first face to face conversation when Rogers & Fido went offline.

Any other funny tweets during the #RogersOutage ? Feel free to comment below with links...

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My creative resume for #Hoothire

During my job hunting came across some really interesting openings at Hootsuite and saw this tweet in my #hiring local search stream in Hootsuite. Her bio said she is VP-Talent at Hootsuite.
Replied to see if they are having it any sooner because i was in the hunt.
And "kaboom" a million tweets went about the #Hoothire to happen on 8th Oct...And @hambrody confirmed the news.

So everyone in Vancouver is going crazy over #Hoothire saw like a million tweets, read on Huffpost online, read on the paper in "The province" and it was even on TV today!

I like to do things differently. Here's the creative version of my resume for #hoothire in old FB profile page theme! (Sorry about the inappropriate size - wanted it in a readable size - will make it smaller after #Hoothire

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Timely content marketing - Red Bull US Govt shutdown tweet

Having worked with Red Bull for more than 2 years, they never faily to amuse me with the best content marketing. This is what Red Bull tweeted after hearing about the US govt shut down. 

Its simple, precise and delivers their core message. Additionally it helps achieve their target of highlighting non-sports use of the drink. Good stuff Red Bull!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Canadians given the choice to stop targeted web ads

Read in papers few days ago that Canadian internet users will be given access to a tool to block behaviorally targeted ads. The users are given a web site - by the Digital Ads Alliance in Canada to visit and opt out of it.

Number of ad networks has joined the voluntary program to promote interest based advertising. From an advertisers point of view this might look like a blow but it is actually putting the industry in a more ethical and a truthful stand.

And this has the chance of promoting behavioral advertising when users gets to know the benefits and opportunities in targeted ads. For e.g. If you wanted to buy a laptop and searched for it - you would be happy to know a certain vendor has some exclusive deals during the season. This happened to me when i wanted to buy a new laptop for my wife.  After few google searches for laptops, web sites started showing me a futureshop targeted banner ads about their Labour Day sale and we got a nice Core i7 for half the price because of targeted Google ads.

Likewise there are both the pros and cons in targeted advertising. How do you think this change will effect the future of digital advertising in Canada?  

Friday, September 20, 2013

Vancouver Police Social Media Campaign to reduce texting while driving

Just came across a nice campaign by Vancouver Police Dept (VPD) about texting while driving called #StupidCombos on Twitter - Few ads given below

Its amazing to see how law and order using Social Media creatively for such a cause because back home 90% of police haven't heard of what Twitter is.  

And the winner gets a free Police ride along - can you imagine?

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Best bank for international students in Canada

More on banking after my most popular posts about -
Personal Banking in Sri Lanka : Whats the best bank for you?
Best Credit Card in Sri Lanka - Whats best for you?

But this time on Canadian banks!

There are many banks in Canada - CIBC, BMO, Nova Scotia, HSBC, RBC just to name a few. Basics about Canadian banks when compared to other countries/Sri Lanka

  • Canadian banks charge fees depending on the no.of transactions you make. 
  • Banking in Canada is very much online - its called paperless. some banks charge you for pass books/statements
  • Credit rating is everything in Canada
  • Interest rates are super low for savings 

After arriving in Canada with a student, she immediately needed a bank account for money transfers.etc. We researched online and found many attractive offers for those new to Canada. First we went to a bank who advertised "Credit cards for new immigrants" but the small print said that it was for PR holders only.

After a few more days of bank visits we found Nova Scotia having a back to school offer of movies for how much you use money in your account.(Sounds like a trap) But this was an attractive offer since spending from credit card is actually beneficial in Canada since it improves your credit rating if you pay on time. And earning scene movie points is actually worth than other cash back credit card offers because most cash backs are limited to maximum $10 and thats also when you spend more than $1000 a month.

Student package in Nova Scotia has unlimited transactions at 0 cost. Best part of the offer was that they offer credit cards for international students with a substantial limit. This is key for a graduate student as it can help your credit rating for future money needs. And the paperless/online banking facility at Scotia bank offers automated credit card payments which makes sure you pay on time.

You need an appointment to open a bank account at Scotia bank and it can take up to 1-1 and half hours - quite lenghty buy very much detailed. The banking officer (Shelley - at North Rd & Austin Branch) was very friendly and knowledgable. Another reason for choosing Scotia was its branch coverage. There is even a branch at the university premises!

Overall - unlimited free transactions, scene movie offer & credit card facility makes Scotia bank - the best for an international student (From what we've experienced so far). Are you from Canada? which bank do you recommend? If you are a new student to Canada - comment below with questions.      

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Android Mobile OS new version co-branded Kit Kat

(Update below) Im back to making memes also. Was exposed to a lot of negativity about Google naming the next Android Kit Kat instead of Key Lime Pie. More postings were from Sri Lanka than Canada - or im following too little Canadians.

 In my opinion its a great idea and whoever thought of this must be rewarded for the possilbities it has opened for both Android and Kit Kat brands.

Update : That awesome moment when your meme has over 1700 shares, and over 9000 9GAG ups!

Back to blogging - Selecting a mobile phone company in Canada

So after a dramatic period of my wedding, honeymoon, homecoming (Lots of learnings - lots of "coming up" blogposts") and a relocation to Canada - im back on blogging.

Its like only the 2nd week in Canada for me. and we still didn't buy a phone connection - waiting for all the offers. Unlike in Sri Lanka - there are many mobile networks to select from and its very complicated. But after a few site visits - figured out most carriers are budget networks of the big players.

So its basically
Main network - Budget/Youth targeted network
Bell - Virgin Mobile
Rogers - Fido
Telus - Koodo

And there are small players such as Wind, Mobilicity.etc but you can never be sure of their coverage since Canada is a large country. So its good to stick to the 1st three.

In facevalue - all main networks charges the same and all budget networks charge similarly. Unlike in Sri Lanka - its still little expensive. For e.g. CLI is still charged seperately, there is an outgoing/incoming call limit.etc.

Phone prices are relatively much cheaper in Canada. And many carriers offer free phones when you sign up for a longterm contract. But when you compare with smaller players phone prices, you are ending up paying for the phone price anyways.

For e.g. I came across this Virgin Mobile S3 offer - they give you the S3 free for a $65 a month plan. And WIND offers S3 for $320 with $33 a month plan. So in Virgin you are actually paying extra $769 unless you pay for the phone upfront. Are you from Canada? what advise can you give?  (And guess its a time to wirte some posts on "Tips for international students in Canada"...)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Buying a Samsung Tablet PC in Sri Lanka

Had an expedition around Colombo yesterday looking for a good tablet PC for my cousin bro. We were looking for a tab that can do business functions (For e.g. Organizing, Note taking.etc). Was focused on Samsung since they are the market leader.

Below are the learnings...

John Keells is the official dealer for Samsung in Sri Lanka.Their showroom is about 100m towards Slave Island from JAIC Hilton. They have only the models that Samsung Sri Lanka has introduced to the market. For e.g. They had only Note 8, Tab 2 7 inches and 10.1 inches. Their prices are not flexible. The salesman sounded knowledgable but not very friendly.
The main selling ppint of JKOA is that they undertake all the repairs of locally sold Samsung units. They claimed only they will repair and they dont accept internationally bought ones.

The Phone Company
Also claims they are an offical Samsung dealer. They undertake all repairs of units they sell. They also had only the Samsung introduced models. But their prices were little negotiatable than JKOA. The salesman was both knowledgable and friendly.

I was thinking what a cool concept it will be to approach this niche  segment - tablet market only till i heard their prices. was totally dissapointed. Who in their right mind will buy for Rs.10,000 added prices? The sales girl didn't sound like an expert which is a key for selling electronics.  The plus was that you have lot of selection here because they have tabs from all vendors unlike the above two.

Mitsu Mobile
Had seen their ads every week on HitAd and happened to rarely recognize their shop on Galle Road. The prices are really low - about 15-20k lower - and they guarantee that they will repair during the warranty period.  The sales was friendly but was too ignorant to give the answers, maybe knowing they are the cheapest.

What are the good places to buy a tab in Sri Lanka? Or is it worth bringing down thru someone? Feel free to comment below about what you know/what you think?

Friday, July 19, 2013

Review of Amity Lite & the potential for entertainment industry in suburbs

I had always wanted check Amity Lite from the day it was opened. I was held up by the fact of not having a good movie at Amity Lite, But was lucky to watch Man of Steel there last weekend.

Review -

Location : If you live southern Colombo - its closeby. This means its closer to anyone around Maharagama, Kottawa, Homagama, Nugegoda, Boralesgamuwa and even Pitakotte, Udahamulla areas.

Parking : There is ample parking and parking is very accessible unlike the Savoy parking where you need to drive along a tiny road where hardly two vehicles can pass by. They charged only Rs.50 for the 2 - 3 hours we were there. So its cost effective as well.

Logistics : Screen : Its a basic projector screen. Wasn't perfectly aligned, But was ok. Sounds were ok. AC : They switched on the AC only when movie started, so it was uncomfortable in the beginning.

Pricing - Is very competitive. Its only Rs.200 (Online booking Rs.215), when compared to over 400 at MC and other theaters. This is a huge factor as it saves a lot when compared to a saving from a visit to MC (Transport).

I went for a Saturday night show and it was fully packed. The key learning is that there's a massive increase in potential for entertainment industry such as movie theaters, leisure parks, circuses, carnivals.etc in the suburbs in the post-war era. An average leisure center can be a thriving business in these suburban areas in and around Colombo. 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Social Media Spoilers as a Marketing Tool : Lesson from Game of Thrones Red Wedding

I had this in mind while doing a project on "Marketing TV content in the Smart TV" era. But realized the full potential only when the fans who hasn't watched the episode were reacting angrily over fans who posted spoilers of what it seemed the best episode of Game of Thrones so far.

A major plot twist happens in the 9th Episode of the current Game of Thrones 3rd season. The HBO telecast for U.S. is on Sundays 9:00 pm which is around 6.30-7am here in Sri Lanka. Few gets to watch it in the morning in Sri Lanka but the fans in US and Europe started posting comments, sharing memes about the brutal episode on Facebook, Twitter and every other place. Few reactions given below (Infact my blogpost was triggereby Himalkks below tweet)

This started angry reactions from those who haven't seen. And even by Thursday there was a conflict between those who have seen the episode vs those who still have not .
Many TV shows are badly effected by online piracy. Revenue lost because of pirates are massive in numbers. What im proposing is for TV show/movie producers to use social media spoilers strategically to
increase sales from revenue generating channels such as free to air TV, TV apps or Cable TV by helping  reduce online piracy of motion picture entertainment content. More hype - More people watch on TV!

If you have examined carefully, you would have noticed HBO and AMC are actively promoting their TV shows posting spoilers immediately after the shows. Once they post on their social media profiles - Even those who have seen the episodes are encouraged to share. This goes viral, increasing viewers by making the viewers feel left out till they watch what happens. One of my colleagues who watches GoT in the weekend was compelled to watch the show day after because of the red wedding hype containing lot of spoilers.

Do you think "spoilers" can be used to make more money for producers? Feel free to leave your comments below...

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Whats trending in Sri Lanka - April Week 4

Thought of starting a new series of posts "Whats trending in Sri Lanka". Below are the most shared content/stories in the final week of April - Sri Lankan new year starting month.

1. Meme that tells to "switch off lights & come" hinting at a political song & the electricity price hike.
There were a lot of related memes about the price increase including memes about the minister & about funny attempts at saving power to reduce the bill. 

2. Bella Thorne - A actress wears a dress very similar to traditional Sri Lankan "Reddayi-Hatteyi" for the Iron Man 3 premiere (Photo via Marvel)

3. Chris Gayle scored a massive 175 off just 66 balls in one of the IPL matches just for the awesome Sri Lankans to reveal that a Sri Lankan in England has scored more than that before. This revelation went viral on the internet with photos & the cricinfo article about that particular match. One of the images shared is given below (via SLmemes)

4. Duminda Silva returned home from hospital, which created lot of buzz about his incident. Below was one of the most shared images - a cartoon by political cartoonist Awantha Atigala which explains how media is distracted by Duminda's story. (Via Awantha Atigala/Facebook)

There were not many videos this week except for Kushan Srimals "madey hip hop" video which was uploaded the week before. They have uploaded a new video today - hoping it to pick up in the coming week.

Looking forward to some good content in the coming week. If i have missed any stories, if you know more or to share your ideas pls feel free to comment below. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

First organic response video from Sri Lanka : Maththalata thawa dina

In my post back in Jan 3rd i predicted how video memes are held back by the various reasons, main being the internet speeds in Sri Lanka. Today morning i was thrilled to see one of the first video responses. This was to the "Maththala Airport opening" countdown ad.

Three guys have got together and done a superb comedy countdown of the Maththala opening coutdown done by kids on TV last couple of days. I must say the video is very creative and very well edited  - well done guys.

Watch the video below (Like the creators mention - Pls note that this is just to make fun of the ad, no objective in dissing the good work done by authorities for bringing in a new airport - we should all be happy about it)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Twitter Sri Lanka Reacts to Malinga

It was Malinga's mistake of shouting at a media person yesterday after a Sri Lanka Cricket meeting. The mainstream media accused Malinga of being swollen headed, but i guess tweeps gave the most creative reaction by turning his words in to a trend called "Malinga Meme". It all ends with his phrase "wedak balaagena yanawa manussayo yanna" (Mind your own business). Below are some of the tweets

  1. Malinga goes in a bus!  

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Trending in Sri Lanka - #EpicSinhalaAdvertisementPickuplines

This was a day i truly felt proud to be working for the ad industry in Sri Lanka. When i read all the epic,old ad taglines that brought out lot of memories. Advertisements entertain us without just selling products and establishing brands. Below are some of the epic ad lines tweeted (And it between the suggestions and on bottom how it all started).

Ehema wenne ne, mama kirith ekka Samahan bonawane
තෑගි දෙන සාස්තරේ 
ෆ්‍රිජ් එකේ දාන්න... 
Ice cream diyawei kiyala.. =P  karthacolomban ice cream 
RT : ගැණු කවද්ද හිතේ තියෙන දේ කිව්වේ

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Rise of LinkedIn in Sri Lanka

It's been couple of years for us in LinkedIn but i'd say it has started being used properly from only recently. The recruitment companies are now actively in it and the top management no longer need to hang out in bars & parties to exchange a quick word with a potential employee, now they can just message through LinkedIn.

Below is a tweet from our PahanS (of Kichibichiya fame - worlds first Sinhala twitter client)confirming the fact.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Welcome Sri Lankan(Sinhala) Meme Facebook Pages

I predicted this sometime back in a discussion with @RukshanR while discussing the future of Sri Lankan memes. I said that soon Sri Lankans will start using meme characters and creating purely Sri Lankan memes using local languages (Sinhala).

Sri Lankan online sphere is becoming localized rapidly in all areas. Sinhala news websites, Sinhala blogs are getting more traffic and there is more engagement in Sinhala Facebook communities if you closely examine. And the trend "memes" couldn't resist.

There are quite a few Sinhala memes pages started recently and now doing well. And then there are the large Sri Lankan Facebook pages converting from viral content to memes since memes are easier to develop.  Few examples are

ඩර්පිනයි ඩර්පයි (Derp & Derpina) 

අපි පිස්සෝ Api Pissoo