Friday, September 30, 2011

All your Facebook profiles to be changed to the new Facebook Timeline

Everyone is asking nowadays "what's this Facebook timeline all about?". Few people still asking me and getting to know that some knows nothing about it made me explain it.

Well - its a total new look to Facebook profile pages. It was on testing period last couple of days and that how you saw some geeks putting up album like screen shots. Here's mine.

Q : Dude, You are a geek too - Tell me in black & white what this is?
A : Here are the basics - Unlike the walled profile page you had, you will have a time scaled page which will span from the day you were born till today. There was a nice joke that Facebook wants to own your past-present and your future.

Without having one single wall, your page will be divided in to two which will contain boxes of all sorts of updates (Reminding of old hi5 boxes concept). There is a possibility of back status updating, which means you can go back to some day and update your status on that day (I'll come up with a seperate post on that later).

Q : Fine. What should i do?
These changes that are now applicable only to developers will soon roll-out to all users gradually starting from tommorow (1st October 2011). So get your panaroma pictures ready. And be careful of your old status,photos videos coming up on your profile - Hide the old stuff you do not want your "new interests" to see :-)

P.S. And please dont put your status "I hate Facebook for changing profile pic", "I hate Mark Zuckerberg".etc.

There are lots of stories about what Facebook trying to achieve through this, how Mark Zuckerberg announced it at the F8 conference to kill the last hopes of Google+ .etc. Stay tuned...

Getting back to blogging

Many months passing by and so many changes for me personally. Really enjoying the work and the learnings im going through this days.

Feels so good to be back blogging - A big thank you to all those who encourage my blogs. Yesterday heard that a foreigner has contacted one of my previous blog admins asking how to subscribe to e-marketing article feeds. That really encouraged me.

So what does NNULK mean?

I know some fool will ask that question when i start on this domain.

Here are few top-of the mind thoughts

1. Is it like Hulk?
You maybe another girl wondering why hulks' short dont rip[-off above his knees (Seriously someone asked me that on Twitter - LAME). But all those who've seen me - I have nothing to do with Hulk in terms of greenness or size.

2.So is it like Null?
No its not zero. There are posts already.

NNULK is really an awesome online name that was created accidently. Back in 2003-2004 when i first tried to create my email account, they said someone has already taken the email ID i wanted. And they suggested this. I was not amused until my good friend once asked isnt your email en-nulk? And i was totally amazed about how quality that name was.

I was with it till 2010-11 and changed my Twitter handle and everything to that.  This is the latest of nnulk blunder...