Monday, March 18, 2013

First organic response video from Sri Lanka : Maththalata thawa dina

In my post back in Jan 3rd i predicted how video memes are held back by the various reasons, main being the internet speeds in Sri Lanka. Today morning i was thrilled to see one of the first video responses. This was to the "Maththala Airport opening" countdown ad.

Three guys have got together and done a superb comedy countdown of the Maththala opening coutdown done by kids on TV last couple of days. I must say the video is very creative and very well edited  - well done guys.

Watch the video below (Like the creators mention - Pls note that this is just to make fun of the ad, no objective in dissing the good work done by authorities for bringing in a new airport - we should all be happy about it)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Twitter Sri Lanka Reacts to Malinga

It was Malinga's mistake of shouting at a media person yesterday after a Sri Lanka Cricket meeting. The mainstream media accused Malinga of being swollen headed, but i guess tweeps gave the most creative reaction by turning his words in to a trend called "Malinga Meme". It all ends with his phrase "wedak balaagena yanawa manussayo yanna" (Mind your own business). Below are some of the tweets

  1. Malinga goes in a bus!