Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sean Paul music : What will he sing in Sri Lanka?

Guys, Its time for wild guesses. Lets guess top 5 songs.

1. Get Busy 
Most popular hits of 2003. Is one of the singles he became popular with.

2. Temperature
2006 Billboard Countdown No.1.

3. We Be Burning
A hit in 2005. Sings about a very nice,timely topic. Read the lyrics of the chorus given below - it sounds very genuine.

Chorus - We be burnin' not concernin' what nobody wanna say.
We be earnin' dollars turning 'cause we mind de pon we pay.
More than gold and oil and diamonds - girls, we need dem everyday [ - radio version]
Some got gold and oil and diamonds - all we got is Mary J [ - club version]
Recognize it, we pimpin' as we riding [ - radio version]
Legalize it, time to recognise it [ - club version]

4. Give it up to you

5. Like Glue
Other hit from Dutty Rock album of 2003.

Major hits like Baby Boy and Breathe are doubtful. Feel free to comment with your song lists and the actually played songs....

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