Sunday, December 5, 2010

Poll : Which 70s-90s cartoons do you like the most?

So far the viral spreading in Facebook had been only from girls. But this time everyones going crazy with the following status.

"For a week, change your profile picture on Facebook to one of your favourite cartoon characters from your childhood. The aim of the game? To not see human heads on Facebook but a true invasion of childhood memories"

I changed my status about a week ago, but it really has started going viral few hours back. And when i look at some Facebook friends users friends - thumbnails of profile pictures it really is an invasion of childhood memories.

With the enthusiasm high for old-age cartoons, I thought of finding the most popular cartoon series of todays adults. So i have chosen 1980's -1990's some most popular cartoons in Sri Lanka (Showed in premier channels ITN, Rupavahini and Sirasa TV), please select which ones you like from the poll.

And comment with any most popular ones I haven't added so i can add.

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