Friday, September 30, 2011

So what does NNULK mean?

I know some fool will ask that question when i start on this domain.

Here are few top-of the mind thoughts

1. Is it like Hulk?
You maybe another girl wondering why hulks' short dont rip[-off above his knees (Seriously someone asked me that on Twitter - LAME). But all those who've seen me - I have nothing to do with Hulk in terms of greenness or size.

2.So is it like Null?
No its not zero. There are posts already.

NNULK is really an awesome online name that was created accidently. Back in 2003-2004 when i first tried to create my email account, they said someone has already taken the email ID i wanted. And they suggested this. I was not amused until my good friend once asked isnt your email en-nulk? And i was totally amazed about how quality that name was.

I was with it till 2010-11 and changed my Twitter handle and everything to that.  This is the latest of nnulk blunder...

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