Wednesday, August 8, 2012

50 Shades of Grey Blackberry subtle advertising effectiveness

Its the talk of the town - well at least in Sri Lankan twittersphere. She was the pioneer in driving the hype for the book in Twitter and i was given  a chance to glance through the pages.

Following is the part about Blackberry - Dont know if the author E.L.James(Female) got paid for it or just added to show prestige of Grey using a Blackberry.

In a time where RIM is going down the drain, having doubts about aquisition and this "Blackberry going down" news is all over the media, she tweeted this
And i asked her whether it was because of the book, following is the tweet and thats enough for me to prove the effectiveness of advertising. Period.


  1. YOU!!! i can kill you right now!!!:D hahahaha did make me famous through this..unfortunately Nobody reads you blog! so..its useless.. :P do know that i have no idea on whats happening in this tech - IT world!so don't laugh at me! :P

  2. She did write the first book ( that I know off, dunno about number 2 and 3) in a Blackberry. So I guess that's why she advertises it.