Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Whats trending in Sri Lanka - April Week 4

Thought of starting a new series of posts "Whats trending in Sri Lanka". Below are the most shared content/stories in the final week of April - Sri Lankan new year starting month.

1. Meme that tells to "switch off lights & come" hinting at a political song & the electricity price hike.
There were a lot of related memes about the price increase including memes about the minister & about funny attempts at saving power to reduce the bill. 

2. Bella Thorne - A actress wears a dress very similar to traditional Sri Lankan "Reddayi-Hatteyi" for the Iron Man 3 premiere (Photo via Marvel)

3. Chris Gayle scored a massive 175 off just 66 balls in one of the IPL matches just for the awesome Sri Lankans to reveal that a Sri Lankan in England has scored more than that before. This revelation went viral on the internet with photos & the cricinfo article about that particular match. One of the images shared is given below (via SLmemes)

4. Duminda Silva returned home from hospital, which created lot of buzz about his incident. Below was one of the most shared images - a cartoon by political cartoonist Awantha Atigala which explains how media is distracted by Duminda's story. (Via Awantha Atigala/Facebook)

There were not many videos this week except for Kushan Srimals "madey hip hop" video which was uploaded the week before. They have uploaded a new video today - hoping it to pick up in the coming week.

Looking forward to some good content in the coming week. If i have missed any stories, if you know more or to share your ideas pls feel free to comment below. 

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