Friday, July 19, 2013

Review of Amity Lite & the potential for entertainment industry in suburbs

I had always wanted check Amity Lite from the day it was opened. I was held up by the fact of not having a good movie at Amity Lite, But was lucky to watch Man of Steel there last weekend.

Review -

Location : If you live southern Colombo - its closeby. This means its closer to anyone around Maharagama, Kottawa, Homagama, Nugegoda, Boralesgamuwa and even Pitakotte, Udahamulla areas.

Parking : There is ample parking and parking is very accessible unlike the Savoy parking where you need to drive along a tiny road where hardly two vehicles can pass by. They charged only Rs.50 for the 2 - 3 hours we were there. So its cost effective as well.

Logistics : Screen : Its a basic projector screen. Wasn't perfectly aligned, But was ok. Sounds were ok. AC : They switched on the AC only when movie started, so it was uncomfortable in the beginning.

Pricing - Is very competitive. Its only Rs.200 (Online booking Rs.215), when compared to over 400 at MC and other theaters. This is a huge factor as it saves a lot when compared to a saving from a visit to MC (Transport).

I went for a Saturday night show and it was fully packed. The key learning is that there's a massive increase in potential for entertainment industry such as movie theaters, leisure parks, circuses, carnivals.etc in the suburbs in the post-war era. An average leisure center can be a thriving business in these suburban areas in and around Colombo. 

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