Monday, April 14, 2014

The Kavum Paradox : Success of Facebook Hashtags & Opportunity for Brands in Social Media

Many said it's a failure when finally Facebook accepted the social reality of hashtags. The ultimate weapon of a social network to cluster shares and updates by topics. But the recent results proves otherwise. I'm using the very recent example of #ReplaceAMovieTitleWithKavum (Kavum is a Sri Lankan sweet made during the new year festival season in April) Hashtag which trended with Sri Lankans on Facebook. Hence it's Kavum Paradox.

Twitter was the first social network to come up with hashtags and it became popular when a set of Californian Jouranlists used #SanDiegoFire to update about a disaster. Facebook launched hashtags in 2013 June and was faced with criticism from a number of digital media writers. Below are some of the criticism they recieved!DYvnW

The example Facebook trend started on Twitter on 12th April when SenelW tweeted

The trend was super interesting - read some of the good ones by clicking on

Now have a look at the Facebook trend It's picked up only on the 13th and is equally good given the Facebook privacy settings limitations. This is the first time i observed such a successful deliberate hashtag trending on Facebook. (Excluding event hashtags e.g. #WT20 or #Sochi2014)

Source : damith.menaka

Reading about Facebook hashtags further i found out that there are some good case studies of businesses using it. Read more on SpoutSocial Blog So busineeses and agencies - This is a big opportunity waiting!


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  1. I was discussing with Amitha the other day how convenient it is to use Facebook hash tags to track entrees when conducting a Facebook promotion, especially when running a sharable content generating app or when the campaign demands generating online conversation. Of course the uses privacy settings can be a barrier if you want to track accurate numbers.

    From the SM persons perspective this is God sent.

    How ever as a tweep I find that Facebook hash tags have not been put to good use.

    I am Considering how this feature can be utilitied in Facebook advertising, since let's face it Facebook is on it's way to becoming an online marketing platform, if hasn't already.