Wednesday, August 25, 2010

[Funny] Suraj Randiv wasn't the first Sri Lankan to "No-Ball"

Shewag standing at 99, Randiv sending a massive 1 foot No-ball - Guys - Why is this such a big deal???? This isn't new to Sri Lanka - it has always happend  - some examples

  • 2005 - Hela Urumaya No-balled Chandrika by going to courts in when she tried to go for an extra year as president

  • 2005 - Prabha no-balled Ranil by boycotting North Polls when he was close to get elected to President

  • 2006 - Mahinda no-balled Ranil by taking 17 UNPers to Govt. when Ranil was honestly engaging in discussions

  • 2010 - Mahinda no-balled Fonseka by a court martial when Fonseka entered Politics as the General who finished 30 yr war

Suraj Randiv - Dude. come on???...LOL

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