Friday, August 20, 2010

Met a friend after 5+ years : Now working in HR dept.of a garment

I met one of my friends in the Sunday School, who was 2 years snr to me and was the treasurer of the Student Council in my Sunday school.

Having done certain HR qualifications - now he is working in an apparel garment of 1500 employees. What he shared with me was amazing. He's job role involves calculation of salaries and other rewards, safety..etc.

Today is 20th and he had been calculating salaries all day long without having lunch. He hasn't eaten after breakfast (At that time it was 9PM). He said the worst thing about calculating salary is this.

All employees get a monthly dinner coupon from company. When you take dinner it marks one of 21 squares in the card. At the end of the month HR should calculate how many dinners they have had and cut that amount from the salary. IMAGINE : counting 21 into 1500 employees???

Technology still has a long way to go in developing countries like us. An automated system could have saved all of their time.

Another experience was one electrician having a needle go through his palm : There had been no medical personnel because it was night. Somehow they have admitted him to a hospital. The management concern had been running the garment without the electrician!!!

Guys - Stop complaining - Just feel good about the job you are doing...You dnt miss your meals...You dont work  8AM-8PM, 12 hrs non-stop. You read this blog and email someone (You use technology) - you do not count cards by hand...We are all lucky in someway...

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