Friday, October 29, 2010

360 Degree Analysis on girls : 3 Main types of girls

Credits to my HR Manager who taught me about 360 Degree Evaluations - Even though you were below me I learnt a lot from you man.

360 Degree Evaluation then came to my attention when I was evaluated in a training - Believe me guys it was really cool getting all the "YOU ARE AWESOME" comments from
1. People senior to you
2. Junior to you and
3. Parallel to you

As the 3 categories suggested - I was thinking how similar it applies to girls. There are different types of girl friends as 360 Degree evaluation suggests. Although its 360 Degrees, it is basically 3 categories. After How I met your mother latest episode (Season 06 episode 06 - "Baby Talk") I got the visual evidence i needed.

Here goes the 3 types of girlfriends you can have -

1. Girls who act senior to you - Mom like girlfriends
Example - She will look after everything about you - Watch video

2. Girls who act in the same level as you - Sister/Friend like girlfriends
Normal ones. Will show both 1 & 2 characteristics.

3. Girls who act junior to you - Daughter or Baby like girlfriends
Like babies. Will want you to do just everything. Good thing is they will make you feel needed. Watch video -

But guys, this totally depends on how you act also. Even you can act in 360 ways with a girl and her reaction will change.

Lets do a poll to find out the most common, liked type of girlfriend - Now guys & girls - please vote below on which type of girl you mostly like? And You are free to comment on this 3 types and our ideas...

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