Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Timeline of Chile Miners Rescue from Aug 5 to now

It's been a great resuce mission so far, with all the world watching it. Every man, woman is talking about it. Few knowing the real facts.

For everyone's benefit i could collect this info and prepare the timeline of the key events from August 5th  - the day 33 of them were trapped.

  • August 5 - Thirty-three miners are trapped underground when part of the San Jose mine in Chile's Atacama desert collapses.
  • August 6 - Mining minister Laurence Golborne flies in to lead the rescue mission.
Minister calling and telling "We are sending you water"

  • August 7 - A second collapse blocks access to the lower parts of the mine, hampering rescue efforts. President Sebastian Pinera visits the miners' relatives. Attempts are made to drill holes to the miners, but no contact is made.
  • August 22 - Rescue workers hear tapping on a drill that has reached a depth of 688 metres. The miners are confirmed to be alive when it is disclosed they have tied a note to a listening probe that reads "all 33 of us are well inside the shelter". The first video of the miners is recorded and shows them to be in a better condition than feared.
  • August 23 - Food, water and communication equipment are sent down a hole to the miners.
  • August 30 - Rescuers decide the best way to free the miners is to drill three shafts and winch them to safety. The holes, named Plan A, Plan B and Plan C, are dug at the same time to try to rescue the men as quickly as possible.

  • September 26 - The first of three rescue capsules built to lift out the men arrives at the mine.
  • October 4 - Gifts sent to the miners during their period underground are returned to the surface in advance of their rescue.
  • October 9 - The miners celebrate as a drilling rig breaks through into their underground chamber. It is decided that only the first 96 metres of the shaft need to be reinforced.
  • October 11 - A test rescue capsule is successfully sent nearly all the way down to where the miners are trapped. Rescue team co-ordinator Andre Sougarret posts a message on Twitter reading: "Today the miners sleep their last night together!".
Andre Sougarret

  • October 12 - Final preparations and test runs are carried out before the rescue mission proper gets under way. Rescuer Manuel Gonzalez is lowered down the shaft and is shown greeting the miners on video footage. Shortly before midnight local time, 31-year-old Florencio Avalos, the miner chosen as the first to be freed, enters the rescue capsule and his journey to the surface begins
Florencio Avalos is the first of 33 miners to be freed from a mine in Chile after 69 days underground.
Florencio Avalos is the first of 33 miners to be freed from a mine in Chile after 69 days underground.
  • October 13 - Mr Avalos reaches the surface amid scenes of jubilation, wearing sunglasses to protect his eyes. He embraces relatives and rescuers before being taken for medical tests.
The whole world is watching this saga - With tears in their eyes. Until the worlds' logest rescue mission is over. 

Feel free to comment with the latest updates until we rescue them all....

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