Friday, February 10, 2012

Facebook new photo viewer : When did FB start copying Google+?

So everyone has noticed the change by now - Its a clear copy of Google+. For those who haven't seen what Google+ photo viewer looked like - See below

Here's what the new Facebook photo viewer looks like

When you click on a photo on Facebook now, it will fill your screen and the background becomes a light grey. The photo information and comments are displayed on the right, eliminating the need to scroll down to see comments. When you hover over a photo, two large buttons to like and tag a picture are also shown. Ads appear in the lower right corner as well on certain photos.

So what's good and whats bad about it?


  • You can comment while looking at the photo
  • Easier navigation than the previous on-click navigation
  • Photo window is auto-adjusted to the photo dimensions


  • If there are lots of comments, have to scroll down to see comments, Addition of another scroll bar inside the browser scroll bar can be annoying
  • (For owner of image) Photo edit button is hidden on top
Any other advantages and disadvantages? Feel free to share what you think about the new Facebook photo viewer by commenting below.

1 comment:

  1. When scrolling comments if you release the mouse just outside the right edge the damn thing closes! So Annoying and very easy to do.