Friday, January 27, 2012

What is RETWEET in Twitter? Best use of RT explained

Thought of writing this after seeing the pathetic situations in Twitter-sphere where newbies disgrace themselves by doing whats not right.

Here is the explanation...

There are two groups of people for you on Twitter

1. Following
People who you follow

People who follow you

What you see in your timeline are from "following" - The people you follow on Twitter. In Retweeting what you are going to do is to post a tweet from your 1. Following to 2. Followers.

In Facebook language (You cannot compare- But since you are more familiar with Facebook)
It is same like copying one of your friends Facebook status (Some call it stealing) and putting it as your status.

What to Retweet?
You should retweet what you want to tell your friends. Its usually interesting tweets, quotes and announcements.

What not to Retweet?
You shouldnt retweet what you find interesting but will not be suitable for your followers.
For e.g. Your friend says she is sick (Its like LIKING a facebook status of a friend getting sick) - You dont RT that. But if Lady Gaga says she is sick - its ok to RT and tell your followers that Gaga is sick. (its like telling people that you know about your celebrities.)

Common mistakes in RTing
When RTing sometimes space becomes a constraint since RT @originalTweep takes extra space. When trying to clear out space sometimes you remove the space between RT & @Twitterhandle. For e.g.

Wrong - RT@ciminfo: How do you identify who your high performers are in sales and marketing? [PDF] #CIMtoolkit 

Correct - RT @ciminfo: How do you identify who your high performers are in sales and marketing? [PDF] #CIMtoolkit

How to make your content RTed more, and the magic RT number is coming up - Follow the blog to find out!

Please feel free to comment with what you feel about how your followers use RT good and in bad ways....

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