Friday, May 18, 2012

Why Yoshitha Rajapakshe on FB SLmemes page is so significant?

Whole Sri Lankan online community was talking about one thing yesterday. President's son and his girl friend commenting on a meme in Sri Lankan Memes Facebook page about them.

The meme was about an astrologist predicting the president that his about to become a grandfather, MR saying his kids dont even have girlfriends & then showing pics of Yoshitha,his girlfriend, some baby. Its a superb meme anyways. (If anyone wants to see the meme,pls comment below i will send the link)

Within few minutes President's sons girlfriend has commented phrasing the meme (in the meme language), followed by Presidnets son himself commenting saying "HILARIOUS". This was a first time that we noticed a highlevel VIP personally commenting on a public forum. Both of them commented in a very light way, showing the PR qualities of the President.

This isn't something that we have seen in Sri Lanka so far. But is a common phenomenon in other matured internet markets like India or even US where celebrities & VIPs comment, tweet like normal people in the communities. I assume one of the reasons why India has a huge followership in Twitter than Sri Lanka is because their celebrities are actively on Twitter. I know certain Sri Lankan girls who have joined twitter,just to follow their bollywood celebrities in India and some of them have even got replies from the likes of Shah Rukh Khan on Twitter (Do you see the pas coming out? #IfYouKnowWhatIMeanMeme)

This kind of celebrity/VIP participation on social networks can lead to increase in community members for Sri Lanka - my point is that after hearing the news

  • More people will want to join Facebook and 
  • More people will want to be active on this pages to interact with their celebrities
  • Will encourage more celebrities/VIPs to come on board social media and interact with their fans

for e.g.Increase in Facebook and specially an increase in Twitter users since celebrities in Twitter are easily reached than in Facebook.  Such an increase would mean better internet atmosphere with much more local content around the web. Will Yoshitha commenting on Facebook meme be the turning point of Sri Lankan celebrities/VIPs in social communities?

Next up : "Cold war between popular Sri Lankan Facebook 'share' pages"


  1. Awww Thank You Nadheera For the Mention :P Though i believe That was pure luck and being at the right place at the right time..BTW there are enough SL celebrities on FB ne? you think it upped the Join rate?? Plus Even though i have a secret crush on YR..Don't think it'll make a huge difference! He's been on FB for soo long and Nothing changed ne?

  2. None of responsible fools replied me and Yasara personally attended my request at noon. Sorted the matter with no worries. Best thing is that they are on the ball and bad thing is....... blank.

  3. love your blog, you should write something about the various pages which try to copy off sri lankan memes and why most sri lankans are unoriginal

  4. When you talk about copying yes it’s not balance, then when you talk about that slmemes fb page is totally against Why? They make lot of money using the likes on fb page they don’t want to lose it, hacking the wasn't cool.

    You got to understand one thing you can not dominate the meme culture in sri lanka its internet.

  5. @pas - Its my pleasure...
    @meedin - Whats the bad thing?
    @Anonymous 1 - I will try but tell me what are the other memes pages?
    @Anonymous 2 - They make money? But who actually hacked SLmemes? Who are the bunch of idiots who wants to dominate the meme culture in Sri Lanka?

  6. Maduwanthi (lankangirly Blog)June 1, 2012 at 1:27 AM

    was searching for the meme that rajapaksha commented end up on this, Page i saw this site and that had my post which i uploded in slmemes fb page, But good thing they gave me the full credit for that and i had no issue with that, but still i would appritiate if they could get prior permission befor uploading. any way untill you guys make us smile you guyz rock what ever the group.

  7. @maduwanthi - oooh good. yea. They should have a consent mechanism for the site or simply separate the site and FB. But the site is down now right?

  8. Maduwanthi (lankangirly Blog)June 2, 2012 at 8:37 PM

    @Nadheera - yah the site is down i saw the site having a link to the slmemes fb page before the existing page right now, all i know is i uploaded two memes by my self to the site on their in boxed request, and they clearly said that they have no connection with any fb pages and to upload my memes if i have time, so might be claiming that some one from fb page hacked their site. (My personal opinion)

  9. dude ,
    most top celebrities like taylor swift , lil wayne (just to name a few) have social-network managers kinda dudes , and most of the times , they're the ones that post updates on behalf of the celebrities , so don't get fooled by them

  10. Dear Anonymous dude, Im well aware of that (coming from a social media agency which handles social media for brands & celebrities). In the above case Yoshitha's and his gf commented with their personal accounts. Anyways thanks for the comment machan...

    1. no worries machan, just wanted to add my two cents.

      I was googling for a sri lankan credit card comparison and found your post and then show this one. i think the sri lankan web community is lacking of that kind of valuable information

    2. Thanks machan. Yes. we badly need a genuine review place. Im trying to fill the gap by reviewing some of the products/services. Want to try out NTB Android App just to see how it works. Even though i dont have an account. Coming up...