Thursday, December 20, 2012

Another trendy Twitter Sri Lanka night #TweetLikeX

many people who start Twitter and do not continue complain that they really dont get Twitter sometimes. Its simple like public SMSing(Only what you want public to know). And the most fun is when everyone starts tweeting to one awesome topic - We call it a "hashtag". A hashtag collects all the tweets to a specific subject. For e.g. If it is Australia vs Sri Lanka match we all tweet using #AUSvSL so all Australians and all Sri Lankans & whoever is on the same page.

Following is a different type of a hashtag we had last Monday called TweetLikeX. What we had to do was to tweet the styles of the person "X". It all started with one @LyricistHeshan tweet - I RTed tagging Kawudaboy imagining all the U2-Bono-Tattoo tweets we can tweet about Heshan.

I thought it will work for a specific tweep but soon the timeline was flooded with TweetLikeX tweets replacing different names in Sri Lankan twittersphere. Few good ones given below

This one about Nisansa was thoroughly argued
This is about our Lovely Paba's IPKKND craze
Following about places SL tweeps usually checkin to

Following are the ones i received,

My Laina obsession

Just a random tweet
And my style of tweeting was totally exposed - More on that in a later blogpost

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