Thursday, January 3, 2013

Welcome Sri Lankan(Sinhala) Meme Facebook Pages

I predicted this sometime back in a discussion with @RukshanR while discussing the future of Sri Lankan memes. I said that soon Sri Lankans will start using meme characters and creating purely Sri Lankan memes using local languages (Sinhala).

Sri Lankan online sphere is becoming localized rapidly in all areas. Sinhala news websites, Sinhala blogs are getting more traffic and there is more engagement in Sinhala Facebook communities if you closely examine. And the trend "memes" couldn't resist.

There are quite a few Sinhala memes pages started recently and now doing well. And then there are the large Sri Lankan Facebook pages converting from viral content to memes since memes are easier to develop.  Few examples are

ඩර්පිනයි ඩර්පයි (Derp & Derpina) 

අපි පිස්සෝ Api Pissoo

- Taken from SLmemes

What is the future?
1. I expect this trend to develop larger memes pages in Facebook in time to come.
2. And this is to be embraced by already larger pages like Loweth ne and Kajuwaththa eksath.
3. The biggest thing i expect is development of Sri Lankan own meme formats (Like the overly attached girl friend,Bad luck Brian.etc.) i have seen couple of attempts such (Jehans "Shit Sri Lankan Mothers say" & "moo thamayi kiwwe" boy) but haven't seen the continuity. With the popularity of memes among the mass crowd this can happen very easily. Lets see...

Im a big fan of virality and specially virality in Sri Lankan context. Feel free to comment below with what you think about Sri Lankan viral content.  

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