Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Twitter Sri Lanka Reacts to Malinga

It was Malinga's mistake of shouting at a media person yesterday after a Sri Lanka Cricket meeting. The mainstream media accused Malinga of being swollen headed, but i guess tweeps gave the most creative reaction by turning his words in to a trend called "Malinga Meme". It all ends with his phrase "wedak balaagena yanawa manussayo yanna" (Mind your own business). Below are some of the tweets

  1. Malinga goes in a bus!  

    Reply to  
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  2. We hv 1more iPhone5 to give away (White 64 GB).Retweet & Followe for a chance to WIN it "වැඩක් බලාගෙන යනව මනුස්සයො යන්න!"
  3.  50% of the Sri Lankans are hurt on this >>() while the balance 50% >>() are trying to convince themselves
  4. Its not about  or  its about what a national player has learnt about 'professionalism' in his career of 9 years 
  5. Media can say anything. But i support SL Cricketers.
  6. KEEP CALM and වැඩක් බලාගෙන යනවා මනුස්සයෝ යන්න 
  7. We use this tag for fun not to insult malinga 
  8. I don't understand the same people supporting  and.
  9. Nice stuffs going on , Check it :D
  10. Not used to the බං බොලං language. So can't be very creative with the tweets.  :D 
  11.  පැනි මුට්ටි.. "වැඩක් බලාගෙන යනව මනුස්සයො යන්න!"
  12. awesomeness of twitter strikes back.. join  now happening :D
  13.  Everywhere on twitter :D
  14. His salary (for his talent), and attitude (born). What's your problem?, stop this and why don't you take MR instead?
  15. Hast thou unseen me formerly? Attend to thine labours and begone wretch! 
  16. Is that  :D => RT : Whatever Happens True Fans Will Always Be With Malinga. 
  17.  "වැඩක් බලාගෙන යනව මනුස්සයො යන්න!"
  18. Let's trend 
  19. look like we got a hash tag tonight "වැඩක් බලාගෙන යනව මනුස්සයො යන්න!" 
  20. "පුතා exam එකේ result කොහොමද??" මොකද? මාව කලින් දැකල නැද්ද? වැඩක් බලන් යනව මනුස්සයො යන්න! 
  21. මම ඔයාට ආ.... "වැඩක් බලාගෙන යනව මනුස්සයො යන්න!" :D
  22. Malinga has the fullest potential to be a Sri Lankan Meme!
  23. පුතා, කොහොමද results? "වැඩක් බලාගෙන යනව මනුස්සයො යන්න!"
  24. කොහොමද පුතා රිසල්ට්ස්"වැඩක් බලාගෙන යනව මනුස්සයො යන්න!"

But simultaneously a group called #TeamMalinga talked on behalf of Malinga. What is your opinion on what Malinga did and the reaction online?

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