Monday, March 18, 2013

First organic response video from Sri Lanka : Maththalata thawa dina

In my post back in Jan 3rd i predicted how video memes are held back by the various reasons, main being the internet speeds in Sri Lanka. Today morning i was thrilled to see one of the first video responses. This was to the "Maththala Airport opening" countdown ad.

Three guys have got together and done a superb comedy countdown of the Maththala opening coutdown done by kids on TV last couple of days. I must say the video is very creative and very well edited  - well done guys.

Watch the video below (Like the creators mention - Pls note that this is just to make fun of the ad, no objective in dissing the good work done by authorities for bringing in a new airport - we should all be happy about it)

This marks the milestone of organic fan response videos. And it is indicating that Sri Lankan online market is actually ready for generating video content as opposed to consuming video content we are currently ok with. For brands its a new opportunity of (I will save that for one of my clients :D)

Do you think Sri Lankans are ready for generating video content? Can we produce the next "Harlem shake", "Kolaveri Di" or the "Overly attached girlfriend"? Feel free to comment below...

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