Sunday, November 10, 2013

Viral in Sri Lanka : Most Bridesmaids in a wedding

A Sri Lankan wedding with 126 bridesmaids to celebrate lov...sorry to "break the guinness world record" is going viral in sri lankan social media circles.

A google search shows it on DailyMail UK, Huffington Post & other major online media. Sri Lankan memes Facebook page too had few memes, mostly condemning the lavish show.

On a marketing point of view - i wouldn't look down on the effort given that the event organizer (who was claiming the Guiness record) was capitalizing on the hype created by it. Imagine - if the event was planned with news releases to leverage her web site & social media profiles? To the point i haven't seen such an effort and highly doubt it. But physical organizing seems very good with many sponsors and partners & few pre-event posters like the one below.

Here's a photo of all the bridesmaids from one of the planning sessions.

On a cultural & a societal point of view it is truly a waste of money which a young couple or the organizers need in the current Sri Lankan economy.

On a funny side of things - according to Barney Stinson, HIMYM the more bridesmaids at a wedding the better the bride & the bridesmaids look. Here's my latest meme about it on SLmemes.

Watch Barney explaining it on video by clicking here What do you think about the Guiness event? Lame or awesome? Feel free to comment below...

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