Friday, December 30, 2011

Twitter Cricket Hashtags : Calling for a standard

Writing this with the overwhelming Sri Lankan victory yesterday against South Africa - The first test win after like one and half years. Increasingly the cricket updates in Twitter is becoming interesting and is a perfect way to keep updated on the match while you are on the move. Like my friend  told me Twitter is a real fun way of following cricket because of all the hilarious comments.

Before i get in to the real call

What is Twitter?
Is a social network like Facebook (Second in popularity only to Facebook) based on text updates of 140 characters (Imagine a public SMS system). For more watch this video on Youtube.

What is a hashtag in Twitter?
The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. It was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages. Read

How you can track a match in Twitter is by following the match hashtag usually with the format countryVcountry. For e.g. #AUSvIND for Australia vs India or #SAvSL for South Africa vs. Sri Lanka.

There are two major confusions in Cricket hastags - 

1. Which country first
The problem arises when one countires' cricket fans put their country code first and the other country does the other way.

For e.g. Pakistanis tweet #PAKvIND and Indians Tweet #INDvPAK, The Sri Lankans (Always trying to make a balance between the two) tweet with both #PAKvIND &  #INDvPAK so both countries fans will read. This happens in every country in every match.

For this I recommend going in Alphabetical order. No matter how big

2. Just "V" or "VS"
Other confusion is whether to use VS or only V between the two country codes. For e.g. Some tweet #SAvSL while some tweet with #SAvsSL. Here I recommend using only one V, since it saves a character and time typing another letter S.

According to the above - The final hashtags to be used will be (Please ignore page formatting)

Country Australia Bangladesh England India New Zealand Pakistan South Africa Sri Lanka West Indies Zimbabwe

But we need to find a way to communicate this standards to all Cricket fans. Please comment below with your ideas.


  1. Very Insightful Post Nadheera. I have also come across situations where I am confused in what hashtag to use when posting cricket match stories and updates on Twitter.

    Normally I use my own convention ( ex: #SLvsEng) or simply put the hashtag #cricket so any cricket lover can follow those updates.

    I like your hashtag convention approach. I think its more simple and easy to understand. Communicating this to All Cricket Fans is the Challenge; yet,any challenge can be overcome over time :).

  2. Thanks for the comment Chamindra.

    I think #Cricket is also essential but at a time when two matches are happening at the same time - A match specific hashtag will be preferred.

    Communicating - Yes we can somehow make it happen. My idea is to TT this to all Cricket fans during a major cricketing event like the T20 world cup coming up in Sep 2012 in Sri Lanka.

  3. Interesting. Completely agree with the alphabetical order thing. But most us are used to vs instead of v. :/

  4. vs seems better :)

  5. going to reblog this with vs instead of v. BTW RIP Tony Greig - cant forget that today for being a Sri Lankan Cricket fan...

  6. Nice to see all collection of information. Thanks for your great input.

    Please update in 2015 too ;)

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