Monday, January 2, 2012

Web Sites to Buy&Sell online in Sri Lanka

My tech savvy friends must be thinking why go so surface level topics in my posts. Because of idiots like the following who made a Facebook profile for his "TownAce Van for Sale" and educating laymen is part of our responsibility.

Above is very primitive because - Visibility is very low (People wont add you as a friend), wrong medium (Generic Facebook is social - i.e.Anti Sales) and its illegal. I don't know what on earth that guy was thinking - when there are so many other useful tools/web sites in Sri Lanka.

BTW - If you want to buy the van contact me - Only 2% broker charge (Just kidding).

Following are some of the best places to buy and sell online in Sri Lanka from my knowledge (I have brought my P990 phone (In 2007, Which i still use), A camera and a laptop for my brother and the Galaxy tab i use currently - None of them had issues). Mind you - I'm going through only the general classifieds sites (Not specific selling like - Automobiles, Real Estate - That i will go through in a separate post)

Suntel wow classifieds
Owned by Suntel, this used to be one of the most active sites back in the days. For a long times it hasn't been updated to the new technology. And they have added an approval process that delays displaying of an ad during holidays. But i think still up to date this is the most active web site. The future of WOW classifieds is questionable with the Dialog acquisition of Suntel.

Facebook marketplace
Is a simple Facebook app. Have seen lot of activity. And since it has Facebook login and features quite easy to use. Another major plus is that it can filter ads by your friends and by "friends of friends" so it naturally builds trust which is lacking in other buy & sell sites. The only negatives are that you need to add it as an application and since it's secured they are not listed in Google search.

Dialog Tradenet
Is the Dialog run web site. Haven't used it - But looks more modern than Suntel wow. I do not see lots of ads like in WOW - so not a lots of visitors. Cannot compare traffic because Alexa shows for the whole web site instead of (Graph below - I have compared the 3 sites with Gossip Lanka, Sri Lankas most visited web site).

Other small time web sites
There are so many others such as, Sri Lankan ebay.etc which are not very popular.

Well - The above is only from my knowledge. Please comment below with any useful sites for classifieds in Sri Lanka & any good/bad experiences with buying and selling ads online in Sri Lanka.

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  1. We must put the idea for gossiplanka to start a classified section ;) lol you can defa sell you car with the FB profile :p