Saturday, January 5, 2013

Rise of LinkedIn in Sri Lanka

It's been couple of years for us in LinkedIn but i'd say it has started being used properly from only recently. The recruitment companies are now actively in it and the top management no longer need to hang out in bars & parties to exchange a quick word with a potential employee, now they can just message through LinkedIn.

Below is a tweet from our PahanS (of Kichibichiya fame - worlds first Sinhala twitter client)confirming the fact.

What are the major uses of LinkedIn in Sri Lanka
1. Recruitments
The recruitment agencies do the job hunting using LinkedIn now. It's easier to filter and totally free of charge to reach a person. What they practice is a free approach. One of them personally adds you on LinkedIn only to message you a relevant vacancy.
Other than the agencies, the corporate management uses this to headhunt and to spread the message about their positions. Few of the local corporates have even recruitment profiles in LinkedIn. This was a development we saw in late 2012.
Other than for direct communication of recruitment  LinkedIn can be used in innovative ways. Such as accepting LinkedIn profile as a CV.

2. Scouting about people
Remember the first business meeting we had? Dont try to convince me that you didn't read my LinkedIn when you saw my name on the meeting list. Yes. This is a major use of LinkedIn to know where you stand before they meet you. So that they will be more prepared.

3. Maintaining personal branding
Many just keep the linkedin updated on promotions,educational qualifications more than ever before now since the above 2 factors are effectively in place.

There are other opportunities specially for professional education institutes. Ive seen good approaches from SLIM but others are still testing the waters.

All in all - LinkedIn is active than before in the Sri Lankan context. Due to the maturity of the internet population and due to the LinkedIn internal improvements. Corporates are using LinkedIn heavily,specially in recruitments. LinkedIn advertising is not value for money as i heard. But lets see how they improve over time.

Feel free to comment below if you also felt the rise of LinkedIn recently.

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