Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Back to blogging - Selecting a mobile phone company in Canada

So after a dramatic period of my wedding, honeymoon, homecoming (Lots of learnings - lots of "coming up" blogposts") and a relocation to Canada - im back on blogging.

Its like only the 2nd week in Canada for me. and we still didn't buy a phone connection - waiting for all the offers. Unlike in Sri Lanka - there are many mobile networks to select from and its very complicated. But after a few site visits - figured out most carriers are budget networks of the big players.

So its basically
Main network - Budget/Youth targeted network
Bell - Virgin Mobile
Rogers - Fido
Telus - Koodo

And there are small players such as Wind, Mobilicity.etc but you can never be sure of their coverage since Canada is a large country. So its good to stick to the 1st three.

In facevalue - all main networks charges the same and all budget networks charge similarly. Unlike in Sri Lanka - its still little expensive. For e.g. CLI is still charged seperately, there is an outgoing/incoming call limit.etc.

Phone prices are relatively much cheaper in Canada. And many carriers offer free phones when you sign up for a longterm contract. But when you compare with smaller players phone prices, you are ending up paying for the phone price anyways.

For e.g. I came across this Virgin Mobile S3 offer - they give you the S3 free for a $65 a month plan. And WIND offers S3 for $320 with $33 a month plan. So in Virgin you are actually paying extra $769 unless you pay for the phone upfront. Are you from Canada? what advise can you give?  (And guess its a time to wirte some posts on "Tips for international students in Canada"...)

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