Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Canadians given the choice to stop targeted web ads

Read in papers few days ago that Canadian internet users will be given access to a tool to block behaviorally targeted ads. The users are given a web site - youradchoices.ca by the Digital Ads Alliance in Canada to visit and opt out of it.

Number of ad networks has joined the voluntary program to promote interest based advertising. From an advertisers point of view this might look like a blow but it is actually putting the industry in a more ethical and a truthful stand.

And this has the chance of promoting behavioral advertising when users gets to know the benefits and opportunities in targeted ads. For e.g. If you wanted to buy a laptop and searched for it - you would be happy to know a certain vendor has some exclusive deals during the season. This happened to me when i wanted to buy a new laptop for my wife.  After few google searches for laptops, web sites started showing me a futureshop targeted banner ads about their Labour Day sale and we got a nice Core i7 for half the price because of targeted Google ads.

Likewise there are both the pros and cons in targeted advertising. How do you think this change will effect the future of digital advertising in Canada?  

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