Friday, October 11, 2013

Funny tweets during #RogersOutage October 2013

Wanted to blog this - But been busy, i mean Goodbusy (wink - VISA credit card ad)

So Rogers network went down nationwide in Canada for few hours day before yesterday. I'm on one of the networks and luckily got to know this through twitter and emailed friends who might have tried to contact me...

Below are the funny tweets during #Rogersoutage

1. This is what A&W tweeted - Never happens in South Asia where comparative advertising is not allowed. And even on Social media - companies maintain good ethics not to diss competitors/other brands openly.

And the tweet was promoted - Good content marketing!

2. This tweet was retweeted many times. First i didn't know what it was saying.

Until +Binku T. enlightened me with a link to this video - Rogers "Canada's most reliable wireless network"

3. The most hilarious news today in papers was that twitter profile holder for @Rogers from Brooklyn, NY had been getting a lot of complaint tweets. His tweet about receiving all complaints -

And yesterday he had tweeted a wish to all Canadians - A reply suggests to sell his Twitter handled to Rogers Network for a large sum (Perfect early retirement plan?)

 Canadians are famous for saying sorry. Here's one of the funniest "sorry Rogers" tweets
4. Few good things happens when you go offline. Roommates since August have their first face to face conversation when Rogers & Fido went offline.

Any other funny tweets during the #RogersOutage ? Feel free to comment below with links...

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