Monday, October 28, 2013

Translink - Vancouver skytrain breakdown 2013 October

Little too late to blog - But though i'd give my 2 cents on this.

Vancouvers metro system - translink Skytrain system broke down after a small maintainance error (According to the official statements). I was on my way to work on Millenium line train while the problem was on the expo line. But somehow even Millenium line trains were delayed and there was too much crowd on our side of the platform because expo line was disrupted. Below are few pics

translink vancouver skytrain delay

translink vancouver skytrain delay 2

translink vancouver skytrain delay 3

Translink actually had a shuttle service between disrupted stations. Even i saw a special bus from Millenium line end - VCC clarke to Main station.

but we felt a little dissappointed since we were not given valuable alternatives in our specific stations. I was told to take a bus to coquitlam and then take the downtown bus (which is like taking a 2 hour route to a place where i can go in 30 mins). Many complained on social media but i think we should appreciate what we have.

I think this way probably because i have been in worse situations. Have you experienced how the transport systems work in developing countries? In many, trains don't arrive on schedule at all. They are totally crowded like the famous photo below.

So i would forgive Translink for the breakdown & hope they will have better contingency plans next time. What do you think? Feel free to reply by commenting below...

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