Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My creative resume for #Hoothire

During my job hunting came across some really interesting openings at Hootsuite and saw this tweet in my #hiring local search stream in Hootsuite. Her bio said she is VP-Talent at Hootsuite.
Replied to see if they are having it any sooner because i was in the hunt.
And "kaboom" a million tweets went about the #Hoothire to happen on 8th Oct...And @hambrody confirmed the news.

So everyone in Vancouver is going crazy over #Hoothire saw like a million tweets, read on Huffpost online, read on the paper in "The province" and it was even on TV today!

I like to do things differently. Here's the creative version of my resume for #hoothire in old FB profile page theme! (Sorry about the inappropriate size - wanted it in a readable size - will make it smaller after #Hoothire


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