Thursday, January 5, 2012

Benefits of joining Twitter in Sri Lanka

This is an article for those not in Twitter & Twitter newbies in the run up to the #TweetInSinhalaDay - A day dedicated to using Twitter mostly(if not only) in Sinhala on 6th Jan 2012.

Twitter is the second largest social network in the world only second to Facebook. You cannot compare the two because the purpose is different. While Facebook is like your public diary which can be seen only by friends and family, Twitter is like a public noticeboard.

Twitter is becoming a totally happening place recently (Last month) - jumping from 100+ to 13th most visited site in Sri lanka

Benefits of Being in Twitter in Sri Lanka
  • Networking -You can get to know lots of people from diverse backgrounds in Twitter and their opinion. There's no better place to communicate with your favourite brand, politician also. Sometimes the networks built comes really handy.
  • Information - you can get to know lots of stuff abt brands and trends thru twitter. Right now im doing a study on banks in Sri Lanka on twitter and super experiences ppl share.
  • News - Get to know things first, By news accounts and Twitter trends - indicate a world wide trend - For e.g. Kim Jong Il was trending one monday mng - and we got to know he has died
  • Friends - I have lots of friends all parts of Sri Lanka because of Twitter - we even hang out sometimes.
  • Communicate & win promos from brands - Many brands use Twitter as a customer service tool, so you can directly ask your mobile service or the favourite eating place all your inquiries & get replies. Wait - Didn't i tell you about Tin Tin tickets from Elephant House, Rs.1000 voucher & T shirt from Perera&Sons? Even the Anythinglk xmas wish laptop I made after getting to know the promo in Twitter. There are so many promos to happen - Don't feel left out...

What is Twitter?
Its like public SMS. Say what's happening (Some ppl say everything what they are doing - it kills privacy and sounds junk) But tweet abt brands, tweet abt business, tweet quotes

Watch this Youtube video -

How to start an account?
On web get on and open an account

How to use twitter?
Twitter is like SMS - 90% time you tweet while on the move, you can use SMS or the Mobile Twitter apps (Android, iPhone or even Blackberry - Many ppl use it) - Go to your app store and install it.

How to get used to it?
Follow abt 100 ppl and (brands you know). For about one month - it will be really boring. But keep reading others tweets, reply ,get in to conversations.

In about 1 month you will be pretty comfortable with people - Then its easy.

How to become a pro?
Keep tweeting regularly, share links, influence others by engaging in conversations.

Good luck - Tell me when you have opened an account. And Tweeps - Please comment below with other benefits and tips.


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