Friday, January 6, 2012

Tweet In Sinhala Day - Best days of Twitter in Sri Lanka

It was one of the most memorable days of Twitter in Sri Lanka - where a bunch of people agreed to tweet mostly in Sinhala - Bringing lots of fun & entertainment to the community.

One day morning @kattasambal tweeted the idea and i replied. We told few people but couldn't get it off the ground. One December Pravin&his better half was making love in Twitter in Sinhala - Umesh replied to them in anger which resulted in declaration of Today - 6th Jan 2011 as the #TweetInSinhalaDay hopefully #TweetInSinhalaDay 1.0. Below is the chief organizing whip - Umesh answering @InduNan s question about how it all started -

It's good to see how a bunch of young guys want to carry our unique culture & language forward. Thanks to everyone, specially Umesh,Pravin&his better half and Katta for the good work.

Below are some of the memorable tweets to enjoy & to archive, Otherwise they will be erased automatically. (I'm afraid to mention your names&handles - If you are ok with it, comment below and i will update the post - Also if you want your handle/tweets taken off i will instantly - Just tell me).

#ThatAwkwardMoment =  #එමචාටර්මොහොත 
We finally came up with the Sinhala equivalent for hash tag #ThatAwkwardMoment = #එමචාටර්මොහොත 
සෝස් බෝතල් දෙකම කල් ඉකුත් වී ඇති බව දැනගන්නා #එමචාටර්මොහොත 

Here's how we arrived at the hash tag.
Fulton89#awkwardmoment එකට මොකක්ද කියන්නේ බන් @Binku @nnulk10:11am, Jan 06 from Web
Binku@Fulton89 # කැරිසීන්එක#චාටර්මොහොත @nnulk10:12am, Jan 06 from Web
@Binku hhahahha #චාටෙර්මොහොත hodaie ne @nnulk

This hashtag is for the modern Sinhala proverbs. Following is something i came up with, after seeing Fulton failing downloading wrong Torrent for like 4 times
  • බාන්න පෙර රිවීව් බලනු 
  • එක ඇන්ග්රි බර්ඩ්ගෙන් ඌරෝ දෙන්නය්
  • ඇන්ග්රි බර්ඩ්ට මල පැන්නා වගේ..
These is a historical trend we had longtime back - To translate English terms (Literally) to Sinhala. One of the most funniest hash tags in Sri Lanka ever. Check out some of the tweets we got today (Most from @Praveenie)
  • ජෛව සටහන = Bio on your twitter profile
  • සීමිත සංස්කරණය = Limited Edition,
  • තොපෙ අම්මව හදි ගැහිච්චි හැටි = How I met your mother
  • රීරි පිසාචයාගේ දිනපොත් = Vampire Diaries
Few other good ones
  • Girls වනාහී 70 දශකයේ මෙරටට ගෙනා කලුසුදු TV වැනිය.. කොයි වෙලෙත් සෝ සෝ ගායි..
  • මල් ඔතනෝ.. අපි මල් ඔතනෝ.. වට පිට බල බල මල් ඔතනෝ..
  • දොඩම් ගෙඩියක් රුපියල් දහයය් නම් දොඩම් ගෙඩි පහක් ගත්තම කීයද..?
  • රා.සේ.පි. = රා බොන සේරම පිරිමි
Tweep below is begging Justin Beiber to give a Retweet (Amplify) his tweet so #TweetinSinhalaDay will trend worldwide - Hilarious!

♛ Poorna Chathura☜☆☞

RT Plz බීබරයෝ රීටීට්ටුවක් දියන් මයෙ අම්මා...,චූටි කුක්කු පැටියා,උබ සුදු කොල්ලනෙ.

Please feel free to comment below with some other good #TweetInSinhalaDay tweets .


  1. Nice round up on the #TweetInSinhalaDay event. This event totally moved me out of the same old timeline and got me to interact with lotsa new tweeps! Credit should go out to @udithaumesh and others who sparked it.

    Ps. I don't think linking a twitter handle in a blog post is a crime or a privacy issue. Twitter is about shouting out publicly. And whoever doesn't like it has their profiles protected.

  2. Thank you everyone who contributed in many ways to make #TweetInSinhalaDay event a success. Check this tweet!/PhuckYou_/status/155307917791342592