Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Apple launches slightly improved new iphone with cool feature - SIRI

Everyone was so hyped out about the anticipated iphone 5 launch held yesterday - October 4th. Some were disspointed that its iphone 4S and not iphone 5 exactly. Bascially what they have improved is
  1. Faster processor - 7 times faster than the previous iphone 4
  2. Better camera - 8MP camera, iphone 4 had only 5MP
  3. Voice recognition ability - SIRI
  4. Price :  iphone 4 is only $199

Faster processor & better camera are minor additions - So no surprises why current iphone users are dissappointed. But i find the voice recognition feature interesting. It can read your SMSes, reply, search wiki.etc. So cool - Watch the video below.

(Following is for people who have no idea what an iphone is)
I mean i know Nokia has the best phones. Whats I-Phone?
Its basically a phone made by Apple computers. A trendy phone that was marketed so well that it created an i-culture around it. The key was the app-store which gives you all different types of apps. See the Sesame street video about iphone apps - There's an app for everything.

Are you still dissapointed about iphone 4S? Feel free to comment below.

A post about iphone market/prices in Sri Lanka coming up...

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