Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Facebook "Share" button is going to be the next big thing

What is this Share link/button?
After Facebook changed it's home page - News feed layouts - one of the major highlights was the share link. It appears after all your public shares like status updates, photos and videos. it was already there for web sites but wasn't significant until the news feed change. See below

After introduction this has been one of the mostly used features in Facebook. It can be called the RETWEET button of Facebook. Why its mostly used is because 
  • You like the content 
  • Your friends might not have access to it directly  
Once shared - The original post shows the no.of shares - See below

This can be a good measure for viral aspect of content in Facebook.

If the same links is shared by many people it will appear as one story with lots of share links like below. This can be a handy tool for video sharing - specially videos from youtube.

Next line of viral videos in Youtube will use Facebook share button to go viral in Facebook.

What will happen in days to come?
Looking at the current trend this is going to be a key feature of  Facebook. More and more users and brands will make use of the share button in following ways

  • Brands will use photos/videos and try to make them viral through the share button
  • Brand web sites will focus on putting the share button on their pages
Facebook Users
  • Users - Your day to day Facebook friends will post more quotes, photos, videos.etc with the intention of sharing
Few People already using the share button effectively
Kajuwattha Eksath Facebook Page -
Whats up Colombo Facebook Page -

Don't know whether intentionally or by random because not many people are talking about this (Globally) yet. 

First it was comments, then came likes, now the buzz word is going to be "SHARE". Feel free to share your thoughts about the future of this feature on Facebook by commenting below. 


  1. Share cometh, then Share goweth away
    What's up! Then my Chat connects then disconnects of and on every 10 seconds
    What's up with that? Now I have no Sharing and no chatting!!! What is next ?