Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Reasons why Facebook changed the news feed (Facebook Home page)

Im sure its no news that there was a major change of the Facebook home page or technically known as the news feed last week. Following are some of the major reasons for the change.

1. Lack of activity 
Im sure many of you have seen the complaints like "Facebook is boring". There were even Facebook pages opened on the topic like the one below.

The main reason for this was what i call the "Facebook updates vicious cycle"

This cycle led to all the people complaining – Facebook news feed is boring. The result was people moving to much faster platforms like Twitter where you are compelled to update more often.

Initially Facebook tried to solve this by introducing the recent updates link. But since “most important” was default many people didn’t know about it. How Facebook has tackled this issue is by introducing the ticker which shows dynamic updates. And also by introducing the fast feed which constantly shows you “more updates” just like in Twitter.

2. Competition
On 20th September Google+ opened to everyone. And there was huge enthusiasm amongst those who didn’t have Google+ profiles. I can remember in certain forums those who didn’t have G+ talked really big about it – not knowing it was idling for those who have. Facebook should have really wanted to steal the momentum.

If you think there are more reasons/other reasons – Feel free to comment below

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