Thursday, October 13, 2011

What is iOS and Whats new in iOS 5?

Everybody’s rushing to download the new version of Apple operating system. For those who are new to the scene, iOS is an operating system like Windows XP, Linux which is made for Apple handheld gadgets  like ipods,iphones and ipads.

Though Sri Lanka is a Microsoft Windows dominated country interms of OS, Apple handheld devices are penetrating in to the market very well. This is clearly shown by low prices in second hand iphones and ipads.Used iPads are going even at 40,000-50,000 Sri Lanka rupees. I predict iphones and ipads to capture a significant phone and tablet market in Sri Lanka by end of 2012. Only thing remaining is for major carrier to offer iphones – But that looks like lots of work for a country like us.

Like I explained in iphone 4S SIRI article,im going to point out whats new in iOS 5 the latest version which was made available to public today.

  1. New notification system – This is the biggest upgrade. Notifications are the notices about new receivables like SMS, Tweets.etc and how they are shown to the user while he’s using another application.
  2.   iMessage – Blackberry BBM was the most popular internal messaging platform in phones which got crashed all over the world yesterday. In a previous post I explained how London rioters used this secure messaging Apple is also entering in to the market with this chat-email-MMS like feature with new iMessage service. Im sure this is going to be a hit because there are many chat freaky iphone users than Blackberry professionals.
  3.  Twitter Integration – The popular social network – only second to Facebook is directly included in iOS5 so you can tweet while using other applications.
  4. Better Photo capabilities – iOS5 has made it lot easier to take photos by getting volume control buttons to be used in taking a photo. And photo editing and sharing has been made lot easier for all you artistic dodgers.

How are you finding your new update in ipod, iphone or your ipad? Feel free to share.

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